Suggestions on UI & Jewel allocation

First of all, I'd like to say, good job on making the game. I install and uninstall games on the phone on a regular basis so I can tell that quite some effort has been spent polishing up this game. Been playing this game for about a week now, and I have a few suggestions to make!

Firstly, on the collection screen. I can see practically all my monsters have a red dot next to them because I have enough dust to upgrade their ability. This means I have to pick and choose and the screen doesn't make it easy because I can't see their ability levels without opening each creature's screen. It'd be good if there was a button I could press and it would show the ability levels for each creature on the collection screen itself. It would probably make the display look cluttered, so it should be something that can be toggled on and off!

Information on units during battle or on pre-battle screens. I've noticed that on these screens that it's not possible to pull up the creature information screen. So, I actually have no idea what the stats of the enemy units are or their skill levels! I would suggest that if we long press on a creature, it brings up the information window for that creature. Alternatively, you could put all that information within another window in the pause menu.

Lastly, the jewel distribution in this game seems fairly even between different creatures. (Though the rate is very low for creatures you haven't unlocked yet). This means that newer creatures we get will start out weaker than our older creatures and they will never catch up until the older creatures are maxed out. I'd suggest that an "inhibit" button be provided for each creature. It won't be available initially, but only once a creature is high ranked enough, say maybe 3 or 4. When this button is on, you no longer will get random jewel drops for that creature, but will still get them if they are fixed drops. So, this will allow the newer creatures to "catch up" with the older ones.

That said, I'm not actually far enough in the game to see if this actually is an issue, as getting up to Rank 2 seems to make most creatures quite useful as it is.


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    Hi there Immanuel!

    Thanks for taking the time to give some great feedback for improving the game :-)

    I'll forward your thread to the guys in the game studio and they'll have a look at what can be done to improve the features.

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