Developers: Please Explain

Why your game is the stingiest freemium game I've ever seen with respect to energy?  I've probably played about 30 freemium progress through mission games, and this one has slower level ups, no energy refill items that drop, and one energy every 10 minutes, all stingier than normal.  And I'm told by level 80 its 12 energy a mission -- 12 being as high as I've ever seen in these games, with those games being more generous with energy.  What is the thought?

I like the game, but just recommended thinking carefully about starting the game to folks on the toucharcade forums, because one just can't play this game as much as other freemium games, so if you like the game and get addicted, your going to be frustrated.  

I do understand that the game refunds around 1/2 energy if you fail a level, but many of these games don't charge ANY energy if you fail a level.  

Please explain.  (Or just fix ASAP preferably)


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