How?!? Are you to beat lvl 73.. or level up at that.

I have been stuck on level 73 for weeks... WEEKS.

I decided to look up a Youtube video on how to beat it. It looks like the team I am facing is literally 2 times harder than the same level a year ago.

The big baddies start with double the HP (str) and increment at +9 (where the Youtube video increments at +6)
The secondary flying ice creatures have half the HP...

My complex question(s):
How am I to improve my team if I cannot beat a specific level?
When playing previous levels, I do not get character tokens?
Did I accidentally switch to hard mode? (If there is even one)?

Tips for beating lvl 73?


  • Baldchicken. Welcome fellow Solgardian. Best to try to make your minions stronger working on other aspects of this game (that are needed to beat any campaign level).  Jot down which minions you think are needed so you focus on these 4/3 becuz there are so many minions to work on than at the beginnings of Solgard Big Bang evolution. 
  • I agree dude! They start at 20 and gain 9 each yurn, Im finding it near impossible to survive the first attack 
  • Like @Bedazzle said, you just need to beef up your creatures. You have 160 total campaign levels so far, and then can replay quite a few on heroic difficulty. So there are a lot more (and tougher ones) once you get through 73. It will come, but it takes time to get your squad to where it needs to be. Good luck!
  • I would leave the campaign levels alone for the time being and concentrate on treasure caves, Underworld to get idols, HA and HC. I assume you are in a guild, correct? These modes (plus Bounty for Gold) get you the gems and materials you need to get your minions stronger. Every once in a while you can return to the campaign to try the vexing level. The other thing to do is to replay the available Heroic levels.
  • Mudscrape, Elfling, Grimchop, Tusker. Stun and run and remember your enemy is the backwall not whatever they throw at you.  Rack up points instead of kills.
  • If you don't have those tell us what you have to work with
  • Strange i'm at level 57 (close to yours) and i still doesn't have any problems to kill 'em all. My only problem right now is that i don't have enough energy.. :bawling:
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