The ItalianWarriors expands and recruits all Italian warriors!

We are the leaders of the warrior family and we are looking for Italian players to be included in the second and third guilds ...


  • For the second guild requires a level above 24 ...

  • For the newly created third guild, a level above 15 is required ...
  • ITALIAN WARRIORS! WE WANT YOU ALL IN OUR WARRIOR FAMILY !! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU !!! For info contact us on Line through the id fdvoe.
  • Due to inactivity two players were expelled ... If you are Italian and you have a lvl with a power higher than 35, come and visit us and you will see that you will never want to leave ;-) THE WARRIOR FAMILY IS WAITING FOR YOU!

  • Anyone thats not italian I guess, we are looking for guild members in our group we have strong players but we only have a few players so if you want to join a great guild no matter if your italian or African we want our guild is called the flatliners l. Oh and on a side note even with our really small guild we,ve only lost once since the guild clash started and that was the 1st 1 when we really didn't know what we was doing but we haven't lost yet so come check us out, you just need to be level 10 to join..... THANKS 
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