Please help - new mobile


Got a new mobile but my save game doesn't load from Google play. I already deleted the app data on my new mobile phone and uninstalled the app but I still have to start all over again. Of course I'm using the same Google account on my new mobile. 


My player ID is 



  • Hi Yonshi,

    Sorry to hear about this issue. I'll ask the game crew what options there are for restoring app data.

    - Mark

  • I have the same problem as my old phone cracked in the sunshine and i bought a new one. Google play rolls on on "connecting.." for hours, nothing happens.I have a char lvl 17 or so and have invested some amounts of money.Please help

  • Alive, and ... ticking. Not playing -. waiting.

  • OK had to solve it myself - as no help was forthcoming:One needs install "Google Play Games" app from play store in order for the sync to work at all.No notice, no hint, no clue is offered neither by google android nor Solgard on this issue within the app or game.Fascinating sloppyness!I post here for the benefit of other PAYING customers that get otherwise no support.

  • Hi there Julius,

    Just seen your msg - yup, you'll need the Google Play app if you want to store your game progress. Most phones has this app default installed.

    Thanks for sharing this - I'll make sure the game studio gets your feedback.

    - Mark

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