The global launch update is here!

Now the entire world can become Solgardian Legends! Huge thanks to all of you who’ve supported us in getting to this point!

Yellow Legendary Creature, the Sunblade, and Purple Common Creature, the Mire Wyrm, have joined the fight for Solgard!

Have a look around here in the forum and feel free to create an account so you can join in on the community discussions.

If you’re new to the game then check out our FAQ section that covers all basic game questions.

Feel free to introduce yourself and team up with other guilds. Our community house rules are located here and you’ll find all the latest news in the announcements section.

Ratatosk hears rumours of a faithful Epic Creature appearing soon! Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Creature Live Events.

The battle of Fire vs Ice begins now!


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