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  • Hi all. Peter here aka Petran74 from Hellas guild.
    Have fun and stay safe!
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    Hi everyone!

    I tried to play this game, but I don't like it very much that I had to uninstall it!

    Have a great snowy day and stay safe!

  • Hi all,

    I am David from Switzerland. I am part of Swiss Cowboys, maybe the highest ranked guild In the French speaking part of Switzerland (at least the game does not propose any stronger guild).

    i love the gameplay of Solgard but I am really looking for more team play with my guild members as it feels a bit lonely playing Solgard.

    Cheers and enjoy the game.
  • Hello fellow guild mates and other friends. The Realm is new to the gameplay world and have a several months invested to this awesome game. Absolutely love it and the people of my guild Event Horizon a proud member of the SPG EB Alliance. New to the platform here as well and expect to learn the ropes as I go! Pleasure to meet you all! 
  • Hi I’m Cassidy. I’ve been playing for about a year on and off, but have loved the updates recently and am playing more often. Nice to meet y’all!
  • Hi guys, I'm Defael and I love this game! It's awesome. :love:
    I've  so carried away by Solgard that I've  enjoying this game every day for the past 2 months. 
    Exciting gameplay, beautifully drawn game , many different modes that will not let you get bored, and it is very nice.
    And just today I registered here, and I see how warm and cozy it is, and I am very happy to be here. :3
  • Hi all,new to the forum but not that new to the game.
    My name is Dante I'm Italian but I live in UK.

    Thank you all!!
  • Olá todos aproveito convidar quem quiser se juntar minha guilda #WUBEQ. Juntos vamos fortalecer!! 😁
  • Leony said:
    Hi everyone!

    I tried to play this game, but I don't like it very much that I had to uninstall it!

    Have a great snowy day and stay safe!

    you too lol

  • Psycho76

    UK here, i run the guild Pew Pew Pow. 
     =)  <3  been playing quite a while, game development is slow & give me a few more mythical tokens  =)   <3 Clash 

  • Hi, everybody! This is Kyla from Ohio, aka Kyldiri in the game. I've been playing fairly obsessively for several months now (Covid hasn't helped curb my habit, lol)!

    I'm leader of Hogsmeade Guild (we're looking for a few good players if anybody is interested). Hogsmeade was the third guild I tried, and I found a home there. When our original leader "retired," she tapped me to take over, and I was glad to keep our guild going.

    Outside of the game I enjoy mid-distance bicycling (20-60 miles), fiber arts, wine, and cooking (rarely all at once).

    Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! 
  • Hi everyone! 

    I’m Roe apart of the guild HYDRA #DVZTB 

    Ive recently cleaned house in the guild and am looking for new members. I play LoS everyday. I wake up with it to my coffee and news and often drop in throughout the day. 

    I wasn’t even sure there were people who enjoyed this game as much as I do.

    i look forward to succeeding and clashing with you! 
  • Hello everyone my name is Sarah Luedeman nu
  • Hidie hodie. Rivkah here. Little late in the game. I'm an old fogie gamer, which I also call my clan, Fogie Gamers.

    I won't kick people out for being slow on the uptake. 😁
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