Creature Selection

Which are the the best Creatures for?

- Treasure Cave

- Treasure Hunt/ Treasure Thief


  • Hi Eddy,

    You might try different combinations but this is my favorite team setup:

    Treasure Cave: Roughpaw, Fire Strider, Grimchop and Tusker

    For Treasure Hunt I sometimes use Hobling and Nightcast.

    Which team combination do you use?


  • Treasure Cave

    Valkyr (I dont think there is a another creature that does so much damage to a full field when combined), Elfling (Not to happy with it but the buttons hit the urns), Rock Groch (if you are able to create a 4 field gronch he will always hit the wall aswell if there are no other big urns in the front lines, which causes the cave to collapse round after round. When he is fully grown your almost have a full clear for the round an can concentrate on setting up the next rounds. Nightcast is my final pick but I am not to happy with her. If the level starts and the field is full of Nightcasts I know it will be a bad round. Maybe I should swap her for Tusker

    Treasure Hunt

    The thief has more than 100 hp and so I don't have that many options. Cause if I am not able to deal at least 60 damage to him in 4 turns I will be dead for sure. He is not alone so you need crowd control aswell as damage to multiple targets. Valkyr and Elfing are a good pick in that regard. I feel like the Gronch is a must cause he is the only one really going for the thief all the time. My last pick is Ravenmaster for a combinded offence and defense with his walls. It is really tough to play creatures that don't attack at least next turn, cause you will only now where the thief will go for the upcoming turn. So if I am not able to create a Gronch in the first and one in my second round I am as good as dead. Alot of the time you also have to face enemys that attack you for 9 the turn they appear. If they get through it means I have to deal even more damage to the thief to not die. It is the same as in the Cave. If there are to many of the fourth creature slot I know its gonna be a sad hunt.

  • Hi Eddy, 

    I would like to know wich teqm do you use for the campain mode ? What is the best team for you ? 

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