New upcoming feature - Ability Dust

I had been hearing whispers that you Solgardians were wanting to customise your courageous Creature army further, specifically in their mastery of Abilities.

Well, you're in luck. We have discovered a most wondrous dust-like substance that, when used with the corresponding coloured Creature, allows a Solgardian to power up specific Abilities rather than the old fashion Ranking up of the Creature dependant means.

You'll be able to get your mitts on Red, Purple, Yellow and Green Ability Dust as Loot from all sorts of Game modes, in Treasure Chests and in the Store, but not from Campaign mode. The stronger your beastie, the more dust and Gold it’ll take to power it up so you'll need to grind to get plenty of Dust - pun intended.

Your Creatures will unlock their Ability 1 at Rank 1 and Ability 2 at Rank 2, as normal. From here on out, Ranking up your Creatures level will improve their stats but not the stats of those two Abilities. This is where the Ability Dust comes in. You are able to Rank up your Creatures to 8 but Abilities can be Levelled all the way up to 10! Here’s a bit more on the specifics, young Solgardian:

Creature Rank 1 - Ability 1 Unlock and can be levelled up to Level 4
Creature Rank 2 - Ability 2 Unlock and can be levelled up to Level 4
Creature Rank 4 - Both Abilities can now be levelled up to Level 7
Creature Rank 6 - Both Abilities can now be levelled up to Level 10

Got all that written down? Good. Another thing you’ll need your pencil and pad for is the Abilities have their own special stats which impact the Battle in 4 ways. Here we go!

This is the percentage chance that the ability triggered will give a bonus effect. Nice!

This is the number of times the bonus effect can be triggered anytime the Ability is executed.

Simple enough, this is the amount of damage the Ability does.

This is specific to the Creature’s unique abilities. Think about Elflings button toss for example, this stat dictates how many it throws.

With all these splendid warriors arriving recently, now’s a good time to start configuring your Creature Army with some oldies and newbies for a rousting tactical roster.

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