What's new in Solgard! Update Version 0.9.14

Are you listening closely, young Solgardian? Things are changing around here so you'll need to pay attention if you want to see the sun rise again tomorrow.


The Hero Arena has been renovated.

The Great Tree Yggdrasil has given all Solgard warriors a blessing and a challenge. In order to defeat the army of Mani and prevent Ragnarok, we must all train like never before.

So the you will now enter into Leagues rather than Ranks at the Hero Arena. And you cannot rest on your laurels whatsoever! If you want to sustain your standing and continue to receive extravagant treasure chests, you must continue to challenge and surpass your rivals.


Lay Out

The first thing you may notice when you enter the Hero Arena is Ranks and Standings are a thing of the past. You can now observe everything you need from the Leaderboards panel. It'll show your position, those who are at the top of the League, and which Buff's you are receiving thanks to your position.


Buffs and Consumables

Position Buffs are given daily and affect you across the whole game from time to time, which is not a bad thank you very much, if I do so say myself!



As a new player you start off unranked until you hit position 4,000, then there are 6 Leagues to climb. If you are updating then your old Rank position will be converted to the appropriate League. If you fall in the following ranks in your League the end of a Season you will be promoted:

  • Apprentice League - Top 4000
  • Novice League - Top 1500
  • Expert League - Top 1000
  • Master League - Top 100
  • GrandMaster League - Top 50
  • Legend League - Top 25

Each time you move up a League you'll be awarded a Treasure Chest of splendid Loot!

Well it all sounds jolly good. However, in order to keep you on your toes, the Arena organisers have prepared some not so friendly rivals that will keep your duels to a reasoable length of time. Lower Leagues have less intellegant enemies to content with but once you hit the top Leagues, you'd better bring your elite strategy else get punted back to Apprentice!



Each Season finishes on a Tuesday at 10:00AM GMT! You'll want to make sure you are in a Top League to reap the great rewards. Dependant on your finishing position you will get a chest of loot and a Trophy that places you in the Hall of Fame! This will also decide whether you move up, stay in the same League or get relagated so it's worth making sure you do all you can not to slip down! Each Season you will start with a rating of 0 within your League - if you don't battle hard in the Arena you WILL get relagated... and then who can we rely on to defeat Mani?

I don't know about you but all the changes around here have my whiskers twitching eagerly in anticipation! I look forward to seeing you all in the Legend League, Solgardians. Now... where did that Elfling hide my parchment? It's enough to drive an old Yggdrasil squirrel nuts!


Until your next lesson at the School of Solgard... Good luck!


  • To be honest, Mark, it is difficult for me to feel happy about the update. Rewards of treasure-cave are reduced drastically like in most of the events recently, EVERY chance of getting diamonds without paying has been removed (except for some  elite-gamers & -guilds) and Hero Arena is only about Raven-Master-clash for those who have time and fun doing less else than playing your game the whole day long.

    Are you sure this is the right way for this great game? Do you think this will attrackt new people? I talked to some and they are disappointed like hell. Of course your team shall earn money, but please concider the way you are on.

    Please don't see this as an offend. I just listen to many of your customers, some of them the best you have and they are just sad and thinking about leaving the game forever.

  • What a bad update, I dont know where to begin...

    - heroics offer even less rewards, they were already on a very low reward range

    - shop prices increased drastically (tickets, mold materials, chests, etc.) the new chests lost a lot of value. there is almost no reason to buy diamonds anymore when it comes to chests. you will need the diamonds now for anything else instead like mold materials, the underworld and pvp. there is not one offer today that requires coins btw.

    - also like Gethsemane already mentioned, the decrease of treasure-cave drops was unneseccary

    - the new hero arena has become a straigth pay to win model, no reason to call it a "blessing" as above

    Only a few games handle their microtransactions with less grace.

  • Thank you for your support, Eddy. I was think to mobilize many Fans of the game to protest, e.g. change all of our ingame-names in "UpdateWrongWay" but I think the community is way to small. I think this is just the beginnen: After months without any updates now there is one every few weeks decreasing rewards and rising the prices. I don't know how new players should even get into the game with no chance ever getting even close to the top. 

    Are there Fans who would support a protest?

  • This is complete sheit!

    The game keeps getting worse, and is now a game purely for people who pay to win. First you take away all the possibilites to earn diamonds and the loot is getting abysmal. The only possibility to get legendary is now only avaibale to a selected few of paying players. 

    The Bounties opposition is not well balanced in the last stage, and the payoff is small. The underworld states that you get better treasures as you go through the levels, and this is also bullsh*t, the only thing is that it gets harder and you have less success getting something useful on your spins!


    This is it, I'm out!

  • how are we supposed to make gold now. why do you guys reduce our rewards again. gonna tell my clan to rate your game with 1 star in all shops and to leave a bad review. maybe will help with future updates

    best regards

  • Hi all, we have not removed any prizes/loot but have moved them to different modes of the game. For example, the rewards given in Bounty are much larger than before. We want to encourage players to try more game modes out :) Hope that helps! /Raine

  • edited June 2018

    Hi all, we have not removed any prizes/loot but have moved them to different modes of the game. For example, the rewards given in Bounty are much larger than before. We want to encourage players to try more game modes out :) Hope that helps! /Raine

    Do you even believe that? You reduced treasure cave rewards off thousands of gold and jewels and moved everything to Hero Arena for the few and always the same player that seem to have even fun to play this horrible event every free minute of a day. Furthermore everything in the shop became so expensive we are only able to make jokes about it. Finally you even reduced the guild-event-reward allthough it takes 60!!! days of hardcore-teamwork to achieve it! The reward for the Hero Arena, that is only 7 days to achieve, is even higher. Strange thing everything pays out only for one player here. Please stop telling us how great your update is at least. Thanks a lot.

  • ....and, unbelieveable, you even removed hundreds of jewels in the heroic-story-levels. Wow!

  • Dear LOS staff and creators,

    No offense, but your newest update is absolutely rubbish. There are so many issues that I have with this, I do not even knew where to begin.

    So I will be finishing out the month, since I just "resubscribed" a day before, actually being forced to find a new apk file to update the game. After that, I will be uninstalling this game and I will definitely not be recommending it to anyone else. 

    Thank you for completely ruining one of my favorite downtime activities/relaxation moments.

    I guess I will be now playing Summoners War and Empire & Puzzles.

    Oh and cheating issues in the Heroes Arena is so bad, that I am getting completely crushed by people with Level 4 & 5 characters, when I am using Level 7's of the exact same type. Utterly unacceptable and ridiculous. 

    SMH & HMH 

    Cpt. Robert Christian


  • Not nearly enough Coins to earn and yet the next new possibility to spend them is announced... 

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