Just finished it. What is next.


  • Awesome! Niflheim is coming soon : )

  • How soon? Because I am getting bored. HA!

    I am now in the 8th Chamber of Hel.

  • Bombero, to be honest, in my eyes your behavior is totaly out of respect - not the first time. It will take month to create more level and even those will be done in a few days for many of us. The game is not about those level only, but mostly about the daily business and events. If you are bored so much, develop your own game on your own money way faster or just go out and enjoy the summer here and then.

  • Hey Bombero, Gethsemane,

    Great to see you're both so passionate about the game! We are working tirelessly to prepare more content whilst also ensuring we have optimised the features already developed to make sure they are super fun! As Mark said, Niflheim IS next but we have new live events and creatures on the horizon before that! 

    Stay tuned to our social media channels to see when a new update is coming - we always send out a teaser beforehand ;)



  • Gethsemane,

    This makes the second time that you have written something rude to me and insulted me. 

    I do not remember ever asking for your opinion. Nor have I ever addressed you. So howsabout you just stop your asinine and inane comments towards me. Because all your are doing is just showing the rest of us exactly how much of a petty tarado, you actually are.

    If you dislike what I just wrote to you, then you can feel free to come look me up personally in Louisville, Kentucky. 

  • Well, Bombero, this is exactly what I expected from you. You are spamming the forum with your, "I am ready - give me more"-Posts and feel insulted and mobbed when I ask you to respect the developers and stay patient. And now you even threaten other members - wow! I feel pitty - I'd like to give you a chance to reflect your behaviour. I don't care if you don't . 

  • edited June 2018

    And by the way... it does not seem to be me disliking you though I did not pay attention to this kind of stuff. Interesting it seems to bother some!

  • edited June 2018

    Hi Bombero and Gethsemane,

    Please refrain from comments such as the above. We do not welcome insults or unfriendly behaviour in this community. Let's all please focus on building a strong community of players together that help and encourage each other to be better players and people.

    It's okay not to like everyone but there is no need to focus on that and by doing so creating a bad atmosphere in this forum.



  • Xarly,

    Per your request, I will politely choose to acquiesce.

    Cpt. Robert Christian

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