Helheim is out!

Hi guys,


Latest version (Build of Legend of Solgard has been pushed live for Android and iOS. 



What's new:

  •  Helheim, the land of the dishonorable dead, has been added to the campaign!
  •  Face off with Nykor the Bone Dancer, and his considerably bigger sister; Nykva the Deep Dweller.
  •  Dungeon Boosters are here! Bump up your own, as well as your guild's performance in the Dungeons with two new powerful boosters.
  •  Embla’s got a fresh new look (the freshest look in Solgard, some might say).   
  •  Various bug fixes, optimizations and performance improvements   
  •  iPhone X support

Please notice that the game is in play test and only available in CO, DE, SE, ID, PH, MY and DK.


Feel free to post any feedback and I hope you have lots of fun playing Solgard!


- Mark


  • Hello.. I haven't got the new update.. other players from my gild have the new update 


  • And I just finished it.

  • Posted by Bombero Capitán 8 days ago

    And I just finished it.

    Really? You are late! But thanks dir letting us know...

  • Gethsemane,

    I do not remember ever asking for your opinion. Nor have I ever addressed you. So howsabout you just stop your asinine and inane comments towards me. Because all your are doing is just showing the rest of us exactly how much of a petty tarado, you actually are.

    If you dislike what I just wrote to you, then you can feel free to come look me up personally in Louisville, Kentucky. 

  • Hi Gethsemane and Bombero,


    As I mentioned on the other thread, please stop this discussion, it will not benefit either of you (or this community, which is what matters the most).





  • Xarly,

    I will politely choose to acquiesce, per your request. 


    Cpt. Robert Christian

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