Hel's Underworld


While  playing the Underworld Hel will take one of my creatures before all of them have finished their attacks due in the respective round. That's especially annoying when the attacks would reset Hel's hourglass.


Please look into this.Thanks


  • Hi JB,

    Thanks if you can send me your player ID.

    If you have the option then please also do a screen recording (or grab some screenshots to show how it looks on your screen)

    - Mark

  • Hi there,

    it is also unreasonable that the rewards for destroying the urns is such low. Sometimes I don't even obtain one material afterwards... There is space for improvements ;)


  • Hi Markus,

    Player ID 5735ee91-6bb0-4da0-80b8-fb5fdbcbf67a

    I don't know how to take a video and making a screenshot at the exact moment is really difficult. I keep trying :)

  • Hi JB,

    Thanks for updating me. I'll ask the Game Studio if there has been similar incidents.

    Update to follow.

    << Pepi; I'll make sure your feedback for the rewards gets heard. I know there's currently different versions of the game in play test and each version contains different settings for rewards and events. This will all be finally adjusted once the game moves from soft launch to hard launch later this year.

    - Mark

  • Hola JB!

    Could you please update me if the creatures were about to attack, or if they were on hold?

    - Mark

  • Hel has also been imprisoning my creatures, when she is in the "non-corporeal" stage. And I am unable to screenshot it, I am also still unable to post pictures on this page.

  • @Bombero; Thanks for adding info. Game Studio is still on this issue and I'll update you all once we have recreated the error. Image upload will be fixed but for now you might have to upload any material to Google Photos, Dropbox or similar, then post the URL here.

  • Hi Mark,

    will it be possible to reset to first chamber in Underworld if the rewards are fixed? Right now I am at chamber 8 and it is already challenging to finish it. So far I have seen the rewards like hammers (golden one?) or molds only in preview. As soon as it is too difficult to proceed, I might not be able to achieve any of those anymore since they seem to be spread after the last level. That would be very disappointing... It might be nice to reset to a certain chamber (or is it already possible? I did not check yet).


  • Hi Pepi,

    Thanks for feedback. I'll give this a spin to the Game Studio :-)

    - Mark

  • Great! Thanks Mark!

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