Crafting materials and molds

I would like to know the use of crafting materials anf molds. How to use crafting materials, hour glasses and heal potion and where can I find those I have collected.


  • Hi Zayar!

    Idols increase the stats of your creature. A creature can have 2 idols equipped.

    If you dismantle an idol it is destroyed and you are left with partial materials used to create it. Removing an idol places it back into the users inventory.

    Idols can be created by using molds together with materials (each mold has different formula) and gold.

    Don't forget you can click the small blue info icon to get the specific details for most of the game mechanics.

    - Mark

  • how do i get molds, ive got lots of material but no molds

  • Hi Gunilla,


    You can find more around molds and how they work on one of our amazing guides here.


    I hope it helps out!




  • Can you show videos how to craft? i got lots materials, but no place to click to craft

  • Go to your "collection" screen and select "idols" (near the top). Then, under "Molds," you'll see which molds you've collected. Click on one that says "ready" underneath it to craft an idol using that mold.

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