Adjustment of gold received request

Hello there,I'd like to ask if it is planned to rework the amount of gold received from completing objectives, like the daily heroics or any other kind of source.Currently I'm playing with a setup of level 4-4-3-4 and I barely have enough gold to upgrade anything or purchase sunjewels at the shop. The required amount for upgrading a lvl 4 creature by 1 attribute is 5500 but I do not have any kind of decent income to cope with such a high price! Completing a heroic dungeon gives 20-30 gold, a gnome maximum about 400. Once having the story and all heroics completed you are stuck with receiving peanuts and extremely high prices for any kind of progress.I do encounter a lot of other player's creatures at level 5 and 6 in the arena and feel disadvantaged because I did not spend a couple of houndred bucks for crystals and gold.While waiting for the new content to come up there is not much a player can do besides farming sunjewels and upgrade his creatures but that ain't working without gold. This is very frustrating and killing any motivation for me to keep this game up and not looking for something new.I really hope there is going to be some change to the reward system soon because I like the game and would like to keep on playing it.


  • Oh and btw, I am not wasting all my gold to upgrading all creatures. I'm focussing my expenses on just a couple of them. Some are completely untouched with 1470/75 sunjewels

  • Don't get the problem. The bounty-hunting alone makes a few Thousand each day. Even on low level it should only take 2-3 days to make the 5.500 gold. Just be patient at lower level. The earning will increase soon. 

  • I'm not sure if we're playing the same game. You get a couple of houndred gold each day by completing the bountys not a couple of thousands. Every three days you get the high reward of 1-3k. Currently I'm on the pre-last stage of the bountys and the last one is locked until I reach lvl 17.I'm not sure if I'm considered at "low level" with lvl 14 but I sure have serious difficulties on collecting enough gold to achieve any kind of progress

  • What kind of difficulties do you encounter? Not enough money? So maybe you should focus your levelling efforts on only some creatures.

  • I’ve contacted customer support twice now in regards to the gold balancing. My friend gets almost 4X the amount of gold that I do for completing bounties and the daily treasure hunts. In terms of numbers, he receives 750 gold compared to my 150 for just winning the treasure hunt. In bounties, the one ladder format, his total is 7200 compared to my 2300. Support told me “it was a temporary play test with chosen group of players selected for trial.” Hopefully something will be done in the near future to rebalance this issue. 
  • The new update that got pushed out yesterday fixed this "issue." Now everybody will receive the increased gold amount, but far less dust (or so it seems).
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