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So it’s been a while since our last big update and no doubt you’re wondering “What in the name of Niflheim is going on?”. Well just to be clear, it’s nothing to do with an uncontrollable frost issue, or an OP Rock Gronch running wild in the office. It’s much simpler than that.

We’ve had a few things in the game that needed to be addressed and fixed to help make the next update our best yet.

Now to the fun part and a couple of sneak peeks. Anyone interested in a new Legendary creature?



We can’t give you any more details at this point, but trust me when I say “this is awesome”. I’ve seen a Grimbash in action and it’s a beautiful sight to see. Any guesses as to her special abilities or perhaps...her relationship to Grimchop?

What about a new Game Mode? Anyone interested in that perhaps?



This is super secret and still being developed by the game team, so I can’t tell you any more about this right now. But rumour has it…

...Hel, the goddess that rules over the frozen world of Niflheim, may return to reconquer Helheim.

The update is coming soon! 

We read all of your feedback, so please share it with us if you have any.

HUGE thanks to everyone for playing the game! <3


  • Sounds amazing, Journeyman. Looking forward to Grimshaw, the Underworld, new levels as well as bug fixes :) Keep up the great work, guys! 

  • Finally... 

    sounds awesome! ..appreciate all the work and your efforts. I'm looking forward to the update!

  • Cry Havoc and let slip the Kitties of war!

  • Sorry, i cant help me, but is it really neede to give us a new legendary creature if there isnt enough ways to upgrade the two that already exists?


    I mean, i play this game now for around 4-5 months and i all i got was enough to pump both legendarys to level 3.

    Thats boring! Everywhere stands i would have  a CHANCE of getting some legendary creature, but i NEVER get one out of chests or from the Boss fights.

    The only one i got was the shards you get from getting 2400 points in the Hero-Arena at the end of the season.

    So 1 legendarys shard every two weeks?

    That's very boring and frustrating and now i should collect a third creature?


    Sorry, but that dont make sense for me right now.

    I hope you improve the droprates a bit or fix the bugs that dont allow us to collect the legendary shards right now!

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    Hi Amostephil,

    thanks for your statement. I now what you mean, but I think wether the game nor the update is only about legendarys. It is hard to level them but at least there are some challenges left. Playing since 5 months is, to be honest, not a big deal too. When you watch the forum closely you will notice, that the developers allready answered the issues with the boss-fights. There is a bug regarding the reward and they announced to deal with it with the next update.

    PS: You can get legendary out of every chest including those you get every 4 hours and the one for the Quests. Got 3 out of those two allready since the last update. Think this is pretty fair.

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    Is there any current news on the release date of the new levels and updates?

  • Finally... Awesome update, thank you thank you thank you. But where is an overview for those crafting materials? I just bought some in the shop and already found a few in the underworld, but now they're.. lost? :/ 

  • Why exactly are there so many countries that are not included? Now some players are enjoying the update while others still have to wait. Why don't you just publish it when everybody can get it???

  • Well, again it is available for some and for many it is not. Haven't seen such a mean thing in a game before. Some Countries and mobil-categories seem to be unavailable to get the update. Why are you publishing an update when not everybody can use it? There are no information on reddit or facebook or elsewhere. The support of this game is a catastrophe...

  • Hi Gethsemane,

    Solgard is work in progress and we have chosen to open up for a few countries so they can test the game. Once the game is complete we'll go live later this year and opening up for all countries.

  • So this means, there is an update avaible, but only for some of us and the others have to wait some months? oO

    Is that the reason you cant find Legend of Solgard in the google Playstore any longer?

    Or is that another bug?

  • Hi Amostephil,

    Solgard is only available if you are located in one of the countries where the play testing is ongoing. Google Play will not list it but when you search for it - only by going directly to the url:

    Once the game has been debugged and fully set up then it will be hard launched world wide.

  • Really guys?

    First i play this funny game for half a year and wait for an coming update.

    than the update is only introduced to other countries and i have to wait more.

    Now you release it in my country, too but i cant load it, because my smartphone isnt good enough anymore for this game?




    Why did you make an update and changed the hardware requirements that some players cant play this game anylonger?

    Whats with guys, that spent money to you and now cant play because of this?

    Very bad decision :((((

  • Hi Amostephil,

    Which country are you located in? We haven't made the game available for more countries. Also we haven't changed any hardware requirements. If you click the direct URL to the App Store and get a "app not compatible with your device" means that you are not part of the countries the game is being tested in.

    - Mark

  • I'm coming from Germany.

    Okay, so we still have to wait, but why i cant play the actual game anymore from now on?

    i mean, i could play it before, even if there was an update in other countries avaiable.

    that all seems a bit strange.

    And what should i do now do know, that i can rejoin the game?

    test it everyday?

    Or is there a timeline that shows us, when we should be able to play again?

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    I never have any legendary things ... not in Bossarea .. boxing out of the store or even .. just to be fairness .. or is it different from country to country?

  • Would be nice to get the stones of the creature you are trying for. thanks
  • Yay!  Communication... the key to success.

    Hoping the event for the new Legendary is not as stingy with the Sun Gems as the last legendary event, Moon Mage... so disappointing.  Would absolutely love it if I had a choice of which legendary sun gem, kinda like the choice of crafting materials in the Underworld. Got a couple of players on the Crew getting weary of Vinebeard and Grimbash gems they have no use for.  What's the fun in winning something if you can't play with it?!?!?

    Thank you so much for the update!  Don't be such a stranger, it's nice to see you!  lol
  • @Journeyman-117... it's been a month... you got my interest up with your recent visit.  Yup, I did mention, Please don't be such a stranger to the Forum .. 

    I'm a countdown type of person, and would love to be counting down the days for the Grimshaw event or release of Frozen.  It would also help me set priorities on which creatures to work on.

    If you cannot give exact dates, you could always give us some clues to ponder over in the meantime about the upcoming releases. Love solving a good mystery and release dates are certainly that... a complete mystery.. lol

  • Erm this update has been and gone. The post was from a year ago not a month ago.

    it looks like the new creature was grimbash and the new mode was the underworld...
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    OMG @MadScientist it was in Hot Topics and I didn't look at the date... you'd think I'd at least know what year it is... lol

    Great catch and thank you for getting everyone in the right year 😊

    <Note to self>. ALWAYS check the date from now on before posting.
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