Legendary price has not changed

I have read in the latest patch note that the the prices of legendary gems should have changed from 20k to 12k gold. My guild mates have confirmed that their prices have dropped. However my legendary gems still costs 20k gold. Does anyone else experience this? I do have the latest update btw.


  • Hi Réne!

    Solgard is currently in A/B play testing phase and you most probable are in the test group where the old values are maintained. Latest version of the game are split in several groups to see which one works the best. Based on game performance these values will be adjusted and once the game is hard launched all values, rewards and creature stats will be the same. 

    In other words; wait it out. I know it can seem unfair that someone gets a bigger rewards but we want the game to perform top notch before the final version can be released. 

    I've written a post with some more details here: https://forum.legendofsolgard.com/legend-of-solgard/forum/announcements/game-update-version-0-9-10-73


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