Collect the Land Wyrm, only available during the Pumpkin Harvest!

The Land Wyrm is the most recent creature addition to Legend of Solgard...but it won't be available for long, so be quick!



Throughout the week, capture the Bounties and collect the pumpkins to unlock the Land Wyrm. But these aren't your ordinary and average run-of-the-mill Bounties, these villains are meaner, tougher...oh and there's more of them!



You'll have 2 days to capture all the Villains and collect the pumpkins. When you have enough Pumpkins...the Land Wyrm could be yours!


If you capture the villains quickly on the first day, then great job, you really could prevent Ragnarok and save Solgard from a long icy winter. On the second day, you'll have a smaller gang capture, you'll still get pumpkins from this, so make sure you complete it to get as many as you can.



On the 3rd day of the Pumpkin Harvest, the Mob Boss and more villains will appear. Just like the beginning of the week, you'll have 2 days to complete this and harvest as many pumpkins as you can. The Bounties will continue until midnight on Monday 27th November.


You can ONLY unlock and collect the Land Wyrm during this period. After the event is over on Monday 27th November...that's it. If you haven't collected your new creature, the chance has gone. :'(


So you know what you have to do. Capture the villains in the Bounties, harvest as many pumpkins as possible, unlock the Land Wyrm, upgrade it as fast as you can...and stop Ragnarok obviously.


Good Luck!




    In my excitement to talk about the Land Wyrm, I may have said this was only available during the Pumpkin Harvest. That's not entirely true. (my bad!)


    The Land Wyrm is exclusively available during the event, but once this has ended on Monday 27th November, the little green cutie (?!) most definitely WILL become available in game along with all the other amazing creatures.


    Sorry for any confusion!

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