Fusing Bug

This issue is hard to describe and even harder to proof, but maybe others noticing the same bug may help and approve:

Since the update I notice wrong fusing by dropping new creatures. For example the drop of fresh creatures should result in a 2x2-creature but only results in a normal one. All the other dropping creatures, that would result in this 2x2 are just vanishing. Got this three times by now with different creatures. Looks funny, but is wrong. 


  • Hi Gethsemane,

    If this happens again then it would be really cool if you could do a screen recording, upload it somewhere online and post the link here.

    If more players are reporting this, or if it happens again then just give me a shout out here and I'll look into it.

  • Update: screenshots are also OK. It will make it easier to pinpoint if there's an issue and where it's located.

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