Rock Gronch Bug?


i discovered issues with Rock Gronch. I hope I figured out the right name as i am playing the german version - i mean the creature that throws rocks at the end of your turn.

Anyway, it seems that if you have two of them on the field there is the posibillity that they throw their rocks on the same field - with one having no impact in that case if the defending creature doesn't survive the "first" throw.

Second Issue is that if you have another creature attacking, let's say in row 2, and Rock Gronch throws a rock to row 2 killing a defending creature, your other attacking creature doesn't get through althoug the defending creature is already killed by the rock.

I hope the desciptions are understandable. I don't know if this behavior is intended, but the second could be solved with die Rock Gronch throwing his rocks before other creatures attack.

Thanks for reading and developing this nice game!


  • Hi there Hayzle!

    Thanks for feedback :-)

    I know there was an issue with Rock Gronch in a previous version of the game. I suggest you start out by updating the game to latest version ( and the creature should behave correctly after the update.

    However, if Rock Grunch is still acting up then it would be really cool if you could do a screen recording, upload it somewhere online and post the link here.

    Thanks if you also can send me your player ID as well as which level this happens on. Your mobile device as well as OS version might also come in handy for locating the issue.

    Ping me back here on this thread and I'll look into the issue.

    - Mark 



  • Hayzle, the Rock Gronches are still doing the same thing (throwing the rock at the same creature) for me. Mark, is this intended?

  • Hey Mark,

    thanks for your response.

    Game was alrady on the newest version when this happened, so updating won't solve the problem. I will try to find such situations and record them.

  • Hey guys. This issue hast ever been there and it is a matter of Timing. If two Gronches attacking very close to another, they are attacking the same enemy. If this happens so close it often happens that both get the bonus allthough only one of them is killing one. If there is a bit more time between there Hits, only the first one get's the bonus. This is the way it has ever been. Don't know if it is the way the masters want it to be.

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