Creature disappeared

Hi guys,

I just battled a boss of the gang and already planned, actually made my next move while the animation of the first merge of the creatures wasn't over. And - oops - the creature I wanted to move just disappeared. Happened to me for the first time - reproduction might be difficult, but I wanted to report it. Will play slower in the future :)

Additionally just wanted to tell you: You are doing a great job, guys - keep it up!

Have a nice day, cheers


  • Can't edit my post - I meant a villain

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    Hi there Darkfire,

    Thanks for feedback : )

    I'll check up on the issue with the dissapearing creature. 

    Thanks if you can send me your player ID and game version (check the footer in the settings menu) as well as which level + name of creature that disappeared. Your mobile device as well as OS version might also come in handy for locating the issue.

    If this happens again then it would be really cool if you could do a screen recording, upload it somewhere online and post the link here.

    Hopefully it was a one-off glitch but if more players are reporting this, or if it happens again then just give me a shout out here and I'll look into it.


    - Mark


    P.S.: Playing too fast will not make the creatures disappear - however you might get pulled over and fined a ticket for speeding in the game ; )



  • Mark, thanks for your reply.

    I had to smile reading your P.S. :) 

    So, as for the information requested: Player-ID: 2f69bd1e-0a42-4859-8919-496286979801Game version: Device: Huawei P10OS version: Android 7.0

    I will be able to somehow capture this anomaly, as soon as it happens again. 

    Also hoping that it is just a one time thingy I wish you guys the best!

    Have a great weekDarkFire

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    Thanks for all the details DarkFire. Just ping me back in case it happens again. I'll also look out for other players with the same experience as you.

    I thought I saw one more post from you but can't see it anymore. Feel free to (re)post and I'll look into it :-)


  • Thanks for your efforts, Mark!

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