ALCHIMISTI group top 10 looking for new members!

Top group of 4 guilds. Not an alliance but a real family with a super active and friendly community looks for:
- 1 top player level 45 or more with level 10+ main mythical creatures for top team #amuwl 
- 1 good and fast growing player level 43+ for top 10 team #tgfzu
- 1  active, fast growing player level 41+  for guild going for top 20 #xonmd
 - We are also looking for some newbies to join our brand new Alchimisti lab #zqksh. There we'll train players from level 30 to 40 to become top players.

You'll find a very well organized team, a fun and friendly international community with people from all over the world, all extremely passionate on Los. We have top strategies and give full support to any of our members.

We are always looking, so don't hesitate if you want to contact us for further informations! 

Apply at:

Or if you are more comfortable with discord:

Come join our family you won't regret it! 😉
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