Night’s Watch is looking for YOU!

Hi everyone! And happy almost season 44! I'm 🦖BanjoRex🦖...your friendly BLOOD Community recruiter! As Season 43 comes to a close, I bet there's a number of you ready to improve your skills by training with the best. Or maybe you are looking for better Dungeon Loot! Well, today offer a spot in the top 10 guild:

The newest addition to the BLØØD Community has fought their way through fire and ice, maintaining a top 10 standing over the years and earning the respect of their rivals. 

For two years, Night’s Watch members have stood strong knowing that there is power in camaraderie. The loot is good, the fellowship is unrivaled... and they are looking for a new brother or sister in arms.

Although they are a highly competitive guild, Night’s Watch takes a less demanding approach to staying in the top 10. The rules are simple: hit when you are needed, bomb when the call goes out, and communicate your schedule with leadership.

Assignments are rarely given ahead of time, instead, all members are skilled in both crystals and bosses... if you are accepted they will ensure you grow along with the guild. 

Night’s Watch is looking for a recruit that is level 44 or above.  However, they will consider any applications as both roster strength and skill will always be considered. 

Apply to Night’s Watch.  Winter is coming.

**Please respond to this post to apply.**
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