Top Guild BLØØD DRAGON is recruiting!

Hi everyone! I'm 🦖BanjoRex🦖...your friendly BLØØD Community recruiter! As 43 dies and 44 awakens, a roar from the heavens shakes the earth below. BLØØD Dragon is calling for a new member. Will you answer that call?

Respected as one of the long-time top guilds, openings in BLØØD Dragon are rare. Their regular Dungeon placement is in the top 2. This speaks to their training, communication, and teamwork. With a legacy of housing some of the fiercest competitors and analysts, are you ready to join them and up your game?!

Your time to become part of Solgard’s history is now.

With member levels between 42 and 49, BLØØD Dragon’s next recruit is ideally level 45 or above. Your roster should be fully developed across all rarities. Your skills should reflect strength and thoughtfulness. And you should be hungry to grow.

Reply to this post for more information on how you can become part of BLØØD Dragon.

Don't forget: All BLØØD Community members must use Discord. Be prepared to download so you can chat with ALL of the BLØØD Community members!
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