Ready to join BLØØD Phoenix?

Hi everyone! And happy almost season 44! I'm 🦖BanjoRex🦖...your friendly BLOOD Community recruiter! As Season 43 comes to a close, I bet there's a number of you ready to improve your skills by training with the best. Or maybe you are looking for better Dungeon Loot! Well, I have the perfect guild for you! Say hello to BLØØD Phoenix!

You can usually find BLØØD Phoenix in the top 5 of the Dungeon. But this Phoenix is ready to rise! Will you be the guildmate they need to claim a spot on the podium? With an average member level of 43.75, BLØØD Phoenix is searching for a player whose fire burns bright and hot. Boosts times are at R+1 and R+12. Their ideal recruit has a strong roster that is developed across all rarities. *BLØØD Phoenix is currently only recruiting a European player*

Don't forget: All BLØØDCommunity members must use Discord. Be prepared to download so you can chat with ALL of the BLØØD Community members!

If you are ready to take your game to the next level...let me know by responding to this post! This spot will go fast...will you be the chosen

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