Glitch in game

After downloading the new updates the game will now randomly glitch in the middle of my battles. I have to completely close out the game and reopen it in order to continue playing. However, within doing so I lose my chance to play. If I am using play passes to play then I lose those too. I have been on the final attack, game glitches and then once i get it to reload it says I lost the match even though I was about to win. I am losing a lot of rewards and my chances to play with this happening. Even on the dungeon boss it says I do zero damage and I lose my turn to have actually played the battle. I tried restarting my phone, uninstalling the game and re installing it and it is still doing it. Is there something wrong with the update that I just downloaded or what? 


  • The same thing happened to me! This is been going on for well over a month now and it is very frustrating. I no need to rush my place because I can’t predict whenever it’s going to shut down. Not sure If it’s  just an issue with the iPad that I’m using but it appears not as others are having the same issue. Please investigate and update.
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