Hero arena disaster after update

since the new update I've been matched against players with 4-6k more power than me and I haven't won a match yet. It's physically impossible for me to win. Anybody else have this issue?


  • Likely rather a natural side-effect of "more players are active, and thus the leaderboards change all over"
    Since who you get matched up with is a function of who are close to you in the board.
  • I didn't see it that bad, but I also noticed there are a lot stronger players in my league after the update.
  • I just use autoplay, so I can blame it on the AI when it goes badly...
  • I kinda agree with you. IMO, they actually rig the creatures dropping rate. The draft only gave me 3-4 of my strongest creature in early game, while the opponent AI get full of it. This happened almost in 9 of 10 matches.

    In addition, the opponent AI always successfully calls good creatures while matching them in the process. Kinda sucks. When I do that, they place my creatures randomly. 
  • Arena is totally clogged with players that have sat waiting for this update for 3 years.... Please for the love of sanity, God and progression add 10000 places in the Legends and Grandmaster 3 Level making it imposssible to just block the progress of "normal" players
  • I agree. Im in Grandmaster 2, my best team is about 10k power. Most are about 15-20k. Here's a screenshot 
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