Daily quest

Hallo, in my daily quests is one quest, which i can translate like Perfect expedition ( i dont know, how it is in english, because it not possible to cange language). But I have no idea, how can i do it. Thx for answer.Mike


  • Do you mean Perfect Raid? There are tickets you get daily with completing some of the daily tasks. You need to go to a Hero level that you played before and instead of fighting the boss (right button), click the left button. This consumes a Raid ticket and you have done your task.
  • Hello where I can find that hero level. I'm having same problem..i complete all task expect for rapid raid ticket plz help  How to do it
  • In campaign, every fifth spot with flag after you have beat it is considered a hero level. Rapid tickets are won when you claim The Perfect Raid & Heroic Effort in Quest when task completed. Hope this helps fellow traveling Solgardian warrior. 
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