We should have the ability to discard molds

edited June 3 in Ideas
If we do not need or want to use a mold we should be able to just discard it without using any materials but also not receive any payback. My Common, Rare, and nearly all my Epics have molds which give them MAX abilities and the ones I cannot or do not need just clutter up the screen. 


  • 100% agreed, but I DO think we should get back something since the mold was earned...either by winning it it buying it, and all materials should be returned.
  • Why don't you just dismantle unused idols? It's a bit of a slog, but you can save on currency when crafting low level molds for cores
  • I do that now but I'd rather not wast the time or resources on completely useless molds.
  • After they clutter up the screen, and can't concentrate ok the ones I need, also first making them into idols to just discard them is really wasteful
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