Fishmoon looking for active lvl25+ players

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Come join a guild on the rise! We are a friendly group made up of players all around the globe. Ask me for any more details you might want or just join up! 1 opening right now with more possible soon. 
Guild tag: #TBBYV


  • I’m a daily player in a dead guild
  • Hey Charlie, we are 100% active, if you meet the level limit come on over!
  • I’m level 32 but I do not know how to change guilds
  • You’ll have to leave your current guild, then just search us by name or by that code I posted

    To leave your current guild go to the guild tab, then press info, then the button with 3 dots then Leave, I’ll attach a photo of this.

    After that just go to find and search us out Fishmoon or #TBBYV
  • If anyone else is interested in joining let me know, we are looking to remove some inactive players soon.

    We are currently top 500 and have been rising very quickly recently.
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