Lvl 27 active player seeking guild

Tired of inactive members and losing clashes, need a new strong active friendly and growing guild.  Hit me up!


  • And it’s possible that I could bring a few players my level or higher if there is room
  • Hey Join us in Fishmoon!  We are very active and win most of our clashes, would won even more if we had more active people.  Leader kicks innactives out every few days so we stay current
  • We also have a Discord to communicate with eachother
  • Thanks for the offer! But right now I’m hoping to move up from my current guild
  • I see.  Didnt we just fave your guild in Clash and demolish it?  I figured we were a step up but no worries and best of luck to you
  • I’m looking at other things like number of members, clash participation, and ranking.  If we did just face you you’re only proving my point.
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