Treasure cave team

Id like to get some information about your best treasure cave team... 
For common and for rare please. 

What are the best commons and rares for treasure cave teams?


  • All these I use and am seeing success but for common I use Lvl 7 Roughpaw skills lvl 8,7 dual lvl 5 Jormungand Idols, Lvl 6 Volt Wyrm skills lvl 9,9, dual lvl 5 vidar. Lvl 6 Grimchop skills lvl 9,8, dual lvl 5 tyr. Lvl 6 Tusker skills lvl both maxed(aka 9) dual lvl 5 Jorm. Boomlin for but green  he depends on having a free space to deploy a bomb hence Volt Wyrm, Elfling, Dazzlepaw, Redguard, Nightcast, or Well Dweller). Rare I use Lvl 5 Hobling skills both lvl 5, lvl5 dual jorms. Lvl 7 Cracklehoof skills lvl 6, dual lvl Tyr 5. Lvl 6 Mossbow skills lvls 6,5,. Lvl 5 Muninn Sun Idol, lvl 5 Vidar. Lvl 7 Night Witch skills lvl 6 dual lvl 5 Vidar.
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