Delete this Clash thing

The unfair rubbish opponents matching have made me leaving my guild because the management reacts too slow and just don't know how to avoid the impossible to beat opponents.

You tell me this clash was well tested ?with some players?  Who are they to be chosen exclusively?  Those developers and those impossible to be beaten players?  Oh well that's why this stupid matching system does fit fit those top 5 teams! No wonder!

Who knows if the players will leave one by one because if this.  ComancheFlight and many other super power players, I'm telling you I will definitely quit this game if Kings don't do something to fix such unfair matching. Lesser and lesser players means that this game will die too.


  • Lesser players also means that your super power and high maintained level in LOS is nothing and no more value.

    What is the meaning to you to use the power and tactic on a low level team? 
    Do you really feel happy and find yourself very strong after wiping out other low power team? Shame on you.

    I choose not to buy any single diamond nor any offer from now on. This is a happy ending I guess and you have made it successful, LOS developers!
  • So you're mad they gave you another free way to get materials but because it doesn't fit your ideal method your going to quit? Our guild has bot one and lost. One of these came down to a couple hundred points so it was super close. 
  • Matchmaking needs some tweaking for sure but to suggest “deleting” the entire mode is just silly.  I can’t wait to open that clash chest   :tongue:
  • You don't understand the unfairness when you haven't been matched to the Top 1234567...
  • After all, perhaps, LOS has losing its "charm" to me. The new batch of creatures are even not that fantastic. I don't even want them added to my Los-dex.
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