Issues in Matchmaking in Guild Clash

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Hi everybody,

I don't know if more guilds have this issue, but I am in a guild around 16x in the dungeon. We work together to break the crystals and we don't have legendary creatures at level 10.

but as we do very well in the dungeon, every math of Guild Clash we play with other guild that finish the dungeon in worst position than us but they have full team with legendary creatures level 10 and mythical.

Also the level of the defense of us is 4 and the other guild start in level 5 big gap when you start as well with worst creatures.

Could Anyone check this? or confirm how work the matchmaking in this mode.

Thank you



  • My Clan

    Level Nv Total
    Point Total
    --Ranks on the Guild Dungeon leaderboard  168
    --Number of opted-in players  20

    Other Clan

    Level Nv Total
    Point Total

    --Ranks on the Guild Dungeon leaderboard  199
    --Number of opted-in players  20

    From your website: The matchmaking work in this way:
    --Total Hero Level
    --Ranks on the Guild Dungeon leaderboard
    --Number of opted-in players

    ""There are several components when it comes to matchmaking: Total Hero Level, where we just add up the Hero Levels of everyone who has participated, and where your guild ranks on the Guild Dungeon leaderboard. The Hero Level total plays a bigger role for most guilds, and the leaderboard element plays a bigger role the further up the rankings you go. The last important factor with matchmaking is the number of opted-in players. If you can’t participate, the best thing for your guild is not to join the clash - just be a spectator.""

    The match is unfair and it's uneven.

    They started with Defense level 5 and we in level 4.
    They have 17 levels more than us and 31.787 points more !!! it is 2 plays of my team.

    but we finished the Dungeon 168 position so, 31 position better than they but this meaning we are more coordination ,  doesn't mean we are better than they.

    I would like to know more about the matchmaking because the last 4 games were in this way.

    Thank you

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