Issues with Matchmaking in Guild Clash

Hi everybody,

I don't know if more guilds have this issue, but I am in a guild around 16x in the dungeon. We work together to break the crystals and we don't have legendary creatures at level 10.

but as we do very well in the dungeon, every math of Guild Clash we play with other guild that finish the dungeon in worst position than us but they have full team with legendary creatures level 10 and mythical.

Also the level of the defense of us is 4 and the other guild start in level 5 big gap when you start as well with worst creatures.

Could Anyone check this? or confirm how work the matchmaking in this mode.

Thank you



  • Hi Japo,

    We have the same issue. Great placement on the dungeon. But we get matched on the clashes to teams that are too strong for us. It is very frustrating.

  • Can the game please inform us of the criteria they use for guild match-ups? Why do some guilds get far weaker opponants and others get far stronger ones?   
  • We have won 1 and lost 5, I think only one of the losses was close.  We get matched up with guilds with several players we couldn’t beat even if our whole guild attacked them, it’s kind of ridiculous.  I could understand the random bad matchup here and there but this is too consistent 
  • Matchmaking is very poor and scoring is very obscure. You wipe the other team but they beat you on points? Also consistently at least 3 more players on the winning side.  We have no 20Ks they have 5? Very poor!
  • 3rd guild clash i've participated in. All 3 we were routed. The last clash by a score of 17753 to 2424. Why is the game not commenting here??? Every post is checked by them so why are they not joining This discussion???? Come on LoS, tell us the thinking behind guild clash match ups. Is it money orientated?? The more You spend the weaker the opponant????

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