Guild clash Questions and sudgestions

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Hello there,

We are now at the 4th guild clash season and I expect that LOS dev will give us a little feedback of experience on this mode of play at some point.

First of all, I’m in the uprising guild and we are finishing each dungeon season between 20 and 25 rank.

We have faced for the clashs, 3 guilds which around the 10th position and the gap here has been huge. No chance for us to win.
The 4th clash was against a guild from our alliance which ranked close to us in the dungeon (20-30). The game was more interesting because it was closer and it was about strategy and not only power.

Now several questions :
1. How are the matches are set up ? Is it done via a guild ranking which sets pools or is it random on the last season ranking (1-50 : first pool ; 51-100 : second pool and so on)?
2. How is the ranking of a guild done ? Is it the level of players, the ranking in dungeons which is taken into acount ?
3. With the clash loss and wins, is there any adjustment in the ranking done ? If you have lost a lot recently does that make it more likely to draw a weaker guild?
4. Is it possible to include something in the matching to prevent teams playing the same guilds more than once? Perhaps blocks matches that have already happened in the last 5 or 10 clashes?

Sudgestions :
a) Is it possible to publish on an internet page the guild clash matches on going ? So we know who is fighting who?
b) Is it possible to publish also the results of the each season clashs ?
c) Is it possible to have a post which explain in more detail how the draw are done ?
d) Is it possible revamp the reward to include the fact that a guild has done a wipe even if the guild has lost the matchup ?

If you want the guild clash attractive and interesting, it will be nice to make some adjustments that can make it more fun.


  • I am a guild leader. Is there an easier way to search who on my team is attacking on guild clash and who is not. It sucks to constantly check the other team to find out.
  • Two valid things, guys. As a guild leader I've been wondering the same. GvG would be a lot more fun and appealing if some of these issues were fixed. 
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    Hi guys, I have the same opinion, the matchmaking is broken. I think that ideas of stirius are good.
    3. With the clash loss and wins, is there any adjustment in the ranking done ? If you have lost a lot recently does that make it more likely to draw a weaker guild?

    Currently for our clan is impossible to win. We are coordinated in the dungeon to has a good position in it but now we are penalty for this, because we are dealing with clan with more level and more power than us:

    For example in this match:

    My Clan
    Sum each player level   676  
    Sum of Point each player - Total 277824
    --Ranks on the Guild Dungeon leaderboard  168
    --Number of opted-in players  20

    Other Clan
    Sum each player level     693   
    Sum of Point each player - Total    309702

    --Ranks on the Guild Dungeon leaderboard  199
    --Number of opted-in players  20

    They started with Defense level 5 and we in level 4.
    They have 17 levels more than us and 31.787 points more !!! it is 2 plays of my team.

    but we finished the Dungeon 168 position so, 31 position better than they but this meaning we are more coordination ,  doesn't mean we are better than they.

    I am writing in the several chats and i don't have any answer.

    ***Maybe they can do a leaderboard of Guild Clash, no of Dungeon to fight with clan with level similar to you.

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