Excalibur is looking for a lvl 42+ player to join the epic battle!

edited April 27 in Guilds
Come join one of the ONLY independent guilds in the top 20.

Some of the best players in the game have played for Excalibur, and our strategy and understanding of the game is among the elite guilds. Come join the ranks of one of the oldest guilds in the game where you get all the benefits, resources, and insight of a large alliance, but in a much more intimate setting. Your voice matters here!

If you are looking for an amazing gaming experience with a seasoned crew and all the insight and resources of playing for a large alliance, come fight with us!

If interested, please visit our Discord server at: discord.gg/DfPJSjJ

We are looking for dedicated, daily players who have a strong lineup, top to bottom, and can follow strategy and communicate well on Discord.
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