What creatures to focus

Hi. Im new to this game and i like it a lot. (Lvl9)

Im starting to get some new creatures and i was wondering what creatures i should invest in and which ones are not worth so much... 

Clearly you cant upgrade all:). I would just like to know good combos of creatures and what team i should aim for in the future when i get stronger:). 


  • Welcome fellow Solgardian.  Truth be known, it is hard to say. Depends on your style of play. Are you more of a defensive or offensive player?  Which creatures have you already leveled up and need compatible partners with?  what events do you mostly play will also determine which creatures you need leveled up. Also, one has to factor in that today’s powerful creatures will pale to tomorrow’s new game introduced creature. :)  feeling like pokémon tho i never played that game lol.  the best wisdom i can give is to join a very active guild. Good luck my fellow Solgardian. 
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    Hi @Misiek88 and welcome to Solgard!

    All creatures have their own specialties and extra powers, so all of them are useful and good, they are just different from each other. Sometimes it depends on what type of level you play and need to match your creatures after that. 

    The slower ones are usually stronger as well, while the quicker runners have less strength.

    When picking your team of four, I recommend to always have one fast one and one real strong one. So you get small hits often and also one creature that gets very strong by growing strength in several moves to protect and also give a big hit in the end.

    You will be able to upgrade all eventually, but start with the ones you like the best first.

    My personal favourites are Valkyrie, Cracklehoof, Rock Gronch and Tusker though. Cracklehoof and Rock Gronch are slow but strong. Tusker is a fast one and Valkyrie somewhere between them. 

  • How can you tell which character is fast or slow? I’ve been trying to figure it out but I don’t know where or what I’m looking for to determine that?
  •  I think fast and slow refers to hold # of characters before they actually enter battlefield. fastest character would have a hold 0 and slowest would have hold 3. However some slow hold characters attack when hit even while waiting to enter battlefield. 
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