Arena problem

Am I the only person that is having problems with the hero arena? This is now the second season where my progress has not registered and I've been kept in the same league with the same rank and same progression. I finished the last season in 10th place and should have moved up, but that didn't happen. The rewards haven't reset in 2 seasons, making it so that the only place for me to get tokens is from my daily bonus, which is not enough. I usually wouldn't care about having easy matches, but I'm not able to get enough tokens to buy silvertail gems and that really sucks because now she'll never get upgraded. 

I submitted a ticket (9335580) last season that got ignored and I just submitted a new ticket today. 

This needs to be fixed! 


  • I've checked with the members of my guild, the same thing is happening to them. This sounds like a major bug! How and when is this going to get resolved? 
  • Hi @palin!
    Thanks for reporting this. We are looking into it already.

  • I just tried the arena, and hit the message finally that season 121 had ended, but it didn't move me up to the next arena even though it says I finished the session in 11th place. 
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