Epic mods and legendary mods

I'm Close before ending Level 55 in Epic underworld chamber. I opend far over 100 Epic idols chests. I need the right TYR Idol. But I never get IT, but the left TYR Idol, I got IT nearly 10 Times all my defander creatures have IT, I have 4 useless in my Store. But really Not 1 time the TYR Mod With the half Moin in IT. This IS so desapointing. I got another Account in this one I Always get the right TYR Mod. But never the left one. This System need to Change, or Player will never enjoy this Game. The Most powerfull Legendary Mod TYR fire Left one IS,also nearly Impossible to get, I have 2 Legendary defander vinnacite, but her also I can never get this mod nearly 100 chests opend. Please give mods you don't have an better Chance and Not the Others way around. 
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