Guild wars

I Play this Game since, the Beta my Name ist dragon88, I also Play Johnson in t solagard pro Gamer. WE have an difficult Situation at the time, WE are far behind in the Doungens. But WE got Up against the Russian mafia. Out Position IS around Number 30 in the Doungens and they are Number 5 I think, WE have No Chance. But even worth I Had No Chance to Fight today Out of Personal reasons. And this Mode is so build Up WE have already lost. WE have around 4000 Points and the Russian mafia has around 12000. They have so strong buffs now, IT IS nothing I can do anymore. Even having to really powerfull Accounts. Nobody is attacking me only my weaker Teammaßes, and they can do that over and over again. Because WE get health back. This Game Mode IS Kind of the end. The Solagard pro gamers was named the Asien pro gamers in the beginning of this Game, WE was Number 1 for a very Long Time. Now WE get treated Like ....


  • dragon88. do not be concerned with all the Xs you see your guild members have. the opposing side is beating your defense lines. each player has 7 max total attack attempts whether you have an X by your name or not.  click on an opponent guild member. it will tell u how # plays left to u.   good luck. remember players still get rewarded for participation. you will be surprised to find that your guild can beat a few of the opposing team mates. it is all in fun anyway. cheers. 
  • The participatolion chests IS nearly worthless. If you get Matches With an unfair powerfull enemy you don't get ans usefull Runins, without Thema IT IS Impossible to stay in the top in this Game. 
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