Patch Notes - 31 of March

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Patch day!
  • The Guild Clash is here! Read all about it here
  • The first Clash preparation day will be April 2nd. See you there!
  • Excess creature gems are now converted to a new type of currency: Transmutation tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for chest keys in the shop, under the redeem tab.
  • We have a free gift in this update for everyone who may be playing more than usual - 100 energy, 100 HA play passes for those of you who have unlocked that mode (level 8+).
Hero Changes
  • The three choices of opponents in Hero Challenge now cover a wider (and at the higher tiers, a slightly lower) power range.
  • Opponent buffs in Hero Arena should now reflect more recently attained buffs, and should work in a more predictable way
Creature changes
We’ve made a number of changes to creatures (see below for details), and in the case of Elderling and Anuraxe, the changes were significant enough that we wanted to give you some resources to spend on strategic adjustments. Please look under the store tab for packages called “Creature Resources.” They are free, and what’s in the packages depends on what ranks your Elderling and Anuraxe had achieved.
  • Big (2x2) units no longer provide a hidden +5% block & crit chance
  • Moonmage’s absorption skill is no longer triggered on sunburst
  • We fixed Elderling so that his attack is no longer piercing. We improved his strength, as well.
  • Fixed an issue where Ragnarooster’s Cockadoodle ability would affect friendly units with 0 wait
  • Fixed an issue where Cage Wight’s “Cage in, Cage out” ability would trigger even when locked
  • Fixed a bug where Kraken’s wait ability would occasionally skip a target to hit a unit further back
  • Fixed an issue where Anuraxe could use his ability to deal damage multiple times within the same turn to 2x2 units
  • Fixed an issue where Bearserker’s attack ability would not deal additional damage to the first unit he strikes
  • Fixed an issue where Bearseker’s attack ability provided Bearserker with more strength than intended
  • Fixed an issue where Bearserker and Roughpaw could provide a block buff & strength to units who were just about to attack
  • Fixed an issue where units who were hurt just as they grew in strength would not reflect the damage they took
  • Fixed an issue where the pre-game screen would not show the proper Hero Stats when the unit picker was open
  • Treasure Cave difficulty has been re-balanced and should provide a smoother difficulty curve. (Yes, this includes some changes to Mythical TC 25.)
  • Aura effects (e.g. Grimbash’s protection aura, among others) have received a visual makeover
  • Fixed a bug where tapping the “Get more” button on “Not enough diamonds” caused some issues to occur


  • hi. there is a bug/glitch with trying to purchase items from underworld for idols. it is costing double for the materials for idols for legendary. 
  • Hi @Bedazzle!
    A fix is on the way for this. Meanwhile, please close the "recipe" after making a single purchase and reopen the interface.
    If you have got charged double, please email Player Support from the Settings and Help Center to get the purchase compensated. 
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