MOLDS in the garage sale

Like most of the Solgardians, I've got 6 pages of molds of which level are all under 4. I'd not use them, I'd not invest in making them an idol. Can you make a market or whatever a place in where we can trade in those useless stuff?


  • Or you can do what I lower Epic idols, dismantle, use legendary cores from dismantling to build unneeded legendary idols, dismantle, and use resulting Myth cores to build needed Mythic idol.  Doing the math, it’s cheaper to build many idols and then dismantle for the cores than to just buy the cores outright.
  • Wow, good idea! thanks Simba.

    Small amount could do but I've got 6 pages of common and rare molds. Still it needs a way to go, they looks like the washing/drying drum from the broken washing machine to me.

    Hope the developers could notice and consider my suggestion.

  • I do the same thing with Commons, to Roares, to Epics, etc
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