Daily Energy

Hello. I'm a new player.
I want to suggest a daily full energy *by this i mean on certain periods of time to get packs of energy* in the daily tasks because the energy it's just not enough..
Also 75 gems for 50 energy is a funny joke.. :dizzy:
I don't know if it's easier to get gems in the mid or late game but in early it's looks like hard job :D Or at least make it more cheaper like 25 gems or something..


  • There is no "early" or "late" game. You can't "win" this game. You have the same issues when you play this game for a long time. You are either missing the gems, dust or gold to get what you want quickly. It is all a game of patience. You will get the gems you need in due time. Just not when you want them. I'm trying to get 4 mythical creatures of different colors for nearly a year now and still don't have them. You can spent money on this game, but it is no guarantee that you get what you want.
  • You can't "win" this game .. Whats the point of playing it then? I mean there should be ending
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