Creatures line up

I just started playing was wondering are you able to swap out creatures. I unlocked new ones but not sure if I can change them out. Thanks


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    When you get more than one of red,yellow,green and purple heroes you can swap between them.
    Example you have two purple heroes you can swap them but you can't have red,yellow,purple,purple hero on the field.
  • Does Elderling 'Little Helpers' ability actually work?   My guy is level 3 with both abilities unlocked, but even in the 'try it' section of his info page, there are no little helpers streaming forward...

    Thank you.
  • You need to have unmatched Elderlings next to the matched one. As soon as you match the main one, the ones on the side start fighting the opponent. I'm not sure if it is enough to just unlock the ability or if you need to upgrade to at least level 1.
  • LOL. is that how it works. the unmatched little ones have to be in adjacent spaces side to side to matched main one. that is like finding the gold at end of a rainbow and i haven’t even found the four leaf clover yet. 

  • I happened to have that situation. That's how I found out...

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