NextAlchimisti urgently needs a strong player. Still holding up in top 20 despite being down a player all season. If you’re looking for a really great team - please come and help them get back to top 15. You won’t find a more dedicated and nice bunch of players :superemojiguy: :superemojigal:

You will add your super talent and strong creatures across all rarities to the team and will be rank 39+ (negotiable for impressive creature rosters). 
At least one well developed mythical from each colour is required. 

Must be daily active on our off game guild chat. We play as a team. English is used as the main language. 

We are also looking for top level players interested in joining the fight for the top with Alchimisti guild 40+ 

Still developing players 34+ can apply for positions open now in our training guild Alchimistici. 

Great group to play with and lots of skilled and enthusiastic players. If you prefer something smaller and more comfy than the whirlwind of the big competitive alliances then give our guilds a try. Join us! 


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