Hero Arena Algorithms

Hi everyone 
The way the Hero Arena has changed sucks. I have bounced back and forth between GM3 and LL for months and months. I’m too good in GM3, but get my ass kicked in LL. Now it’s worse! However it is set for win to lose ratios, is real bad. The algorithm is so far off, it’s ridiculous. My Dungeon team is having the same problem. And we have some amazing, high level players. We cannot win in LL. Teams that are worse than us, are constantly kicking ass. It’s beyond frustrating, and doesn’t make us want to play or spend coin to try to win. My idea is to make the HA fair, to not have the scale tipped on one side or another, but to balance it. Because however it’s set now is NOT working. I know I can’t be alone in this...
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