I cant connect to server today even the internet connection (wifi & 4G) is good. Is there any problem?


  • Having the same issue, tried logging in and I thought a reboot will help but still nothing.
  • I'm having the same issue too.
  • Same problem 
  • Same here 🙁
  • We too have the same problem! Even to our warriors do not net the game. Please resolve this as soon as possible. We have to run guilds! If we can't do anything in the game how do we do?!? Among other things, we have new players to welcome but without a connection how do we welcome him into the guild chat? PLEASE SOLVE !!
  • Thanks for solving 👍🏻😉
  • edited March 22
    Early in the morning server crashed around 4 hours. Yet nothing made as consolation. I am fairly new to this game but generally in other games, developers act quickly in similiar situations. And gave small "rewards" as consolations.
    For example blot festival has 9 hour cooldown for creatures recovering. My whole day plan ruined with this server crash. I was planing to play at 8am (my local time) and when i find out servers are back it was 2 pm. Even I checked servers hourly i couldnt know precisecly.

    tldr: devs should give small rewards and extention time limits of the activities in general.

    thank you kindly

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