Introducing the Guild Clash

This is the first take on a new guild versus guild feature. We designed something with no timers, something that rewarded guilds who work as a team, with prizes you can work toward whether you win or lose. Your creature army matters, but the important thing is that you try - because used strategically, every guild member’s squad can make a difference. 

We have plans for additional strategic elements in the future, but this is the start!

You are eligible to participate in the Guild Clash if you have at least three creatures of each color, are level 12, and belong to a guild. That guild must have at least four people participating in order to start the Clash.


A Clash is three days long:

  • One preparation day, where you can choose three unique defensive squads and look over your opponent. You won’t be able to see the opponent’s defensive squads until you meet them in combat. Guild members who do not join during the prep phase may not participate in the challenge. The AI will choose defensive squads for guild members who do not choose during the prep phase.

  • Two challenge days, where your guild will work together to take down the opposing guild.

There are several components when it comes to matchmaking: Total Hero Level, where we just add up the Hero Levels of everyone who has participated, and where your guild ranks on the Guild Dungeon leaderboard. The Hero Level total plays a bigger role for most guilds, and the leaderboard element plays a bigger role the further up the rankings you go. The last important factor with matchmaking is the number of opted-in players. If you can’t participate, the best thing for your guild is not to join the clash - just be a spectator.

When the challenge days begin, you survey all the people in the enemy guild and choose one to attack. (The AI will play defense for you when the other guild attacks. You control all the moves when you are attacking.) You are trying to bring that player’s Embla down to zero points. Even if you don’t succeed during your turn, the defending player’s points persist from attack to attack and do not reset (unless there’s a wipe - more on that later). As an attacker, your hit points reset after each attack.

Each guild member gets seven attacks. You may use them all at once, or over the course of the two fighting days. Your creatures become exhausted after use when you are attacking, but your defense squads never get exhausted.

Let’s say that Ratatosk starts out with 100 points. You begin the challenge with an attack on Ratatosk and do 75 points of damage with your four chosen creatures. Afterwards, those creatures are now exhausted until the end of the challenge, and you have six attacks remaining. You may now go after Ratatosk with four new creatures and attempt to finish off that crazy squirrel...or leave the 25 remaining points for someone else in your guild to attempt. No one else in your guild can attack Ratatosk while you are fighting him. Once you’ve brought Ratatosk to zero, his second defense squad will appear. Once you and your friends have killed poor Ratatosk three times, he will stay dead until his whole guild is wiped out.

The members of the most successful guilds will work closely together to decide who should attack whom, and when.

To get credit for each duel, you must complete the duel. Don’t close the game! The damage you did will not be saved. (You should still get _participation_ credit, though, so if your wifi goes out, at least you won’t miss out on that at the end of the Clash.)


  • Fortifications and Wyrms

    There are two types of fortifications, defensive, and offensive (also known as Wyrms). 

    Your guild has a starting defense tier based on your guild’s creature power. All defense tiers feature trebuchets and barrels that can be "killed" during a match, meaning stunned/ethereal for a turn before returning - you just get more/better ones as your guild’s tier grows. Behind the scenes, all damage done to them over the course of the Clash will contribute toward lowering the total defense tier points of the team who owns them. 

    Defenses are guild based, which means your enemies see the same defenses regardless of how strong an individual member may be.

    On the offense side, "Wyrm Tiers" are personal. Your starting tier is based on your total collection power.  You will lose Wyrm points as you attack other players and your wyrms take damage during the duels. (Damage is only taken to a wyrm if the baseline is hit within their colored area.)

    Wyrms each have an aura on the field, and combining creature units within those auras give you positive benefits. One Wyrm is a healer, and combining units in his aura range will restore some of Embla's hit points. The other Wyrm is an attacker. At lower tiers the attacker fires a projectile, and at higher tiers your new attacker lobs a firebomb. 


    You know how a Wyrm comes to help in Hero mode, to prevent battles from dragging on too long? An archer eventually comes to accomplish the same thing in the Clash, but only for the team playing defense.


    If your guild kills everyone in the opposing guild, that’s called a “wipe.” The opposing guild will be reset and you can try to kill them again to run up the score before the challenge ends. Because the opponent will have all their creatures back and their hit points reset, you get 20% of your Wyrm Tier points back, to keep you from being too weak against their refreshed teams. Their archer will also be weakened.

  • The Score

    Score is earned for all the damage dealt, every Duel won and every Bout won. This is to directly reward:

    * Going in with up to 28 creatures from your collection and doing damage

    * Lower level players in the guild, for participating

    * Finishing off a Duel

    * Finishing off a Bout

    The total score from each guild is compared and the guild with the highest score wins the Challenge and wins a reward chest. Both guild earn points toward their Clash Chest.


    There are three types of rewards.

    All these rewards depend on something we call “participation”. Participation is a score you gain by using your attacks during each guild clash. You max out your participation by using all of your attacks. If you use less than all of your attacks, your participation score will decrease, and so will the reward you can obtain.

    1: You get duel rewards at the end of the Clash. For every defeated lineup (remember, each of your opponents has three), your whole guild gets a reward whether your guild ultimately wins the Clash as a whole. As long as someone in your guild wins a match at some point, all of you who participated in the Clash will earn a reward. Even if a guild falls too far behind to win the whole event, doing your best still gets you something.

    2: There is a reward chest given out to the winning guild of an individual Clash.

    3: Clash Chest (details below) is a chest given out once the guild as a whole obtains enough clash  A victorious guild gets more clash points than a losing guild. 

    The contents of each reward also depend on Hero Level.

    So to sum up, the winning guild at the end of the Clash gets duel rewards, a reward chest, and five points towards the Guild Clash Chest. The other team gets the duel rewards and one point towards the guild clash chest. 

    Clash Chests

    If a guild beats the other guild in the challenge, every guild member who participated will get three things: A small reward chest, duel rewards, and five points toward the Clash Chest.

    If a guild loses, every guild member who participated will get duel rewards, and one point toward the Clash Chest.

    What are these Clash Chest points?

    Those points belong to the guild, not the individual. If you change guilds, your points do not follow you.

    Once a guild has accumulated 20 points, the Clash Chest is unlocked. What’s in the Clash Chest? It varies based on two factors: 

    • Hero level

    • Participation

    The more you participate, the better the rewards. This has nothing to do with how much damage you did or didn’t do -- all that matters is that you attacked. 

    Your hero level determines the top possible rewards in the Clash Chest. Higher level players can earn higher level runins and Mythical gems.

    Let’s say that you, Elsa, and Ratatosk are in the same guild, one that won four Clashes in a row and you’re ready to unlock your first Clash Chest. You are at level 31, Elsa is 29th, and Ratatosk is 15th. For whatever reason, you attacked nine times in the first Clash, eight times in the second, five times in the third, and nine times in the fourth, for a total of 31 attacks. Elsa and Ratatosk both attacked the full 36 times. Of the three of you, Elsa will have a better chance at getting the best possible rewards, because her participation score is better than yours. But both of you will have access to the highest level options, and not poor Ratatosk, because Ratatosk is too low level to get Mythical goodies.

    As with all our new features, we eagerly await your feedback and your experiences, when this goes live. When’s it going live? Look, I know how you all feel about “soon,” and normally by the time I’m posting these feature writeups, we at least have a date in mind. We are living in interesting times, however, and we’ve been notified that approval times (from the app stores) are going to be uncertain for a little while. It could be this coming week, but it could be any time in the next month. Please bear with us. We hope you love this new game mode!

  • @RatatoskTheSquirrel Can we attack with the creatures that we set up as our defense?
  • I was wondering the same and the 'info' icon in the Defense selection says you can !
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  • Interesting idea and I’m glad they’re trying something new, but the execution here is terribly flawed. This only works and is fun if the matchmaking is “fair.”

    In my case, we are facing a guild that we clearly had no chance of beating at the outset, and part of the problem is obvious. Your standings in Dungeons and the hero levels of your guild members (which are nonlinear) do not adequately reflect your guilds ability to perform in this completely different format. It shouldn’t be the basis for matchmaking.

    And this defense/wyrm tier stuff? If your guild is already at a disadvantage from a team power perspective, why is it necessary to make the disadvantage even worse by adding this additional stuff?

    I think this one needs to go back to the drawing board.
  • As far as I can tell you get the reward chest based on your participation and level, so if you did all your 7 attacks, you'll get the max chest for your level bracket and anything else is extra like the tokens from the line defeats.

    That seems balanced to me.
  • If you lose you just get the tokens. Reward chest only goes to the winning team.

    The matchmaking determines most of your fate, which is why this mode doesn’t work.
  • Are we and our warriors wondering when the next guild battle will come? We can't wait to attack opponents with a drawn sword and protect ourselves with our shield !!
  • need to factor in guild’s lowest 3 team mates and not just the guilds top 3 team mates as well in your computation of matches.  this will provide more validity to your matches being more or less on even par.  Thanks.  
  • the other issue i have is that devs have never rectified the issue of multiple players having exact same player name and therefore can swap out players to attack more than 7 attempts. 
  • Man! .  The emotions I went through watching my guild fight valiantly against an obviously stronger group was surprising.  We did as well as we could, imho, but I felt the wind go out of me realizing that the only available compensation for all that hard work and team effort were a few coins and 1 point...I actually had to leave playing for a few days as I was so discouraged.    I thought this was going to feel like a win win.    Not so!   :(
  • Ash said:
    As far as I can tell you get the reward chest based on your participation and level, so if you did all your 7 attacks, you'll get the max chest for your level bracket and anything else is extra like the tokens from the line defeats.

    That seems balanced to me.
    We did not get any chests.  We had full participation.  It says the team that doesn't win gets 1 point to the Guild chest, which we got, but what is the use of having 100% participation...I don't see where that factors in.   all except 2 of our members are over level 35.     Were we all supposed to get a chest?   That would have been super.

  • Ok..I looked back and see "duel rewards" for the guild who did not win.  I just did not realize it would be so meagre.   Ah well.  Pull up my big girl pants and carry on, lol.
  • devs you do not specify what percentage is player hero level of everyone playing and percentage of guild dungeon leaderboard ranking factoring in to matchmaking. the issue i see with using guild dungeon leaderboard is that guilds might be using their guild boosters to assist them with rising in leaderboard and as such is not valid of guild overall strength when playing guild clash. guild overall is really weaker than what leaderboard shows.  i do agree that hero level of everyone participating should factor in to matchmaking, but beyond that is very questionable. 
  • Devs i am curious as to how you match up the guilds in guild clash. Since the start our guild has been matched up against guilds with power levels 3 to 4 times higher than ours with no shot of even being able to at least compete. Ex. Majority of our guild power is between 5000 to 7000, and we have been facing guilds with at least 12000+ avg. Now the majority of the guild no longer wants to participate in the guild clash because of how unfair the match ups have been knowing we have no chance of winning against such a powerful team. I am not saying the guild clashes should be easily winnable by no means but both guilds should be given a fair shot. Its like matching a highschool team vs a professional team. The the professional team is going to win every single time of course. So why even show up if you know you are going to get the crap beat out of you every time because of the unfair match ups. I know you still get rewarded for loosing but to be honest no one cares about that. They just want a chance to compete. So please rework the way you do your matching and give guilds a chance to compete and dont make it so one sided.  Thanks
  • I am in the same position about the issues in matchmaking, this mode is impossible if you team is coordinated in the dungeon. because the matchmaking only work in the level in dungeon

    My Clan

    Level Nv Total
    Point Total
    --Ranks on the Guild Dungeon leaderboard  168
    --Number of opted-in players  20

    Other Clan

    Level Nv Total
    Point Total

    --Ranks on the Guild Dungeon leaderboard  199
    --Number of opted-in players  20

    From your website: The matchmaking work in this way:
    --Total Hero Level
    --Ranks on the Guild Dungeon leaderboard
    --Number of opted-in players

    ""There are several components when it comes to matchmaking: Total Hero Level, where we just add up the Hero Levels of everyone who has participated, and where your guild ranks on the Guild Dungeon leaderboard. The Hero Level total plays a bigger role for most guilds, and the leaderboard element plays a bigger role the further up the rankings you go. The last important factor with matchmaking is the number of opted-in players. If you can’t participate, the best thing for your guild is not to join the clash - just be a spectator.""

    The match is unfair and it's uneven.

    They started with Defense level 5 and we in level 4.
    They have 17 levels more than us and 31.787 points more !!! it is 2 plays of my team.

    but we finished the Dungeon 168 position so, 31 position better than they but this meaning we are more coordination ,  doesn't mean we are better than they.

    I would like to know more about the matchmaking because the last 4 games were in this way.

    Thank you
  • Since game has now started allowing players to use their mythical in guild dungeon, this should help decrease some of the disparities we see in guild clash matchup.  Unfortunately, will take next 2-3 revolutions of playing guild clash over and over to determine effectiveness since do not want to make matchups worse. :)
  • Hello can the attempts will reset when the enemies have been wiped out? 
  • What I can determine when enemy is wiped out is that enemies lineups #1 thru 3 are revive so that guild mates can use up all 7 attempts for 100% participation.  All minions that have previously been used before wipe out of enemy are still considered exhausted post wipe out of enemy.  hope this answers your question. 
  • edited May 18
    Devs why is there a reset in the 1st place, if a guild is wiped out then credit should be due, and if the other guild still has plays left  let them play as long as time permits. In our case we wiped out a guild and we were reset and played a brand new guild different from the one we were playing. We were evenly match with the 1st guild but the 2nd guild had 5 more members than we had. So we ended up going from victory to a lose. This whole guild clash needs redoing, you either get matched up with guilds 3 to 5 times more powerful than you or when you do you  get matched fairly, you get victory snatched from your hands with a stupid reset and play a different guild larger than yours. Now no one in my guild wants to participate in the guild clash anymore until all the flaws are fixed. Rant over 
  • Servius. that is not how guild clash wipe out works. guilds continue playing same opponent. What you might have perceived as different guild with more players is opponent guild members had not used up their all/any attempts so they were able to beat all lines of your guild mates resulting in “X” by their names and shrinking of your side of guild clash page even after wiping out the opponent.   Wipe out at least gets your guild 1 guild chest. Need  20 guild chests to get guild chest reward which you will find is worth playing guild clash. Good luck and keep on trucking. 
  • Bedazzle thanks for responding but not true, unless all their guild members didnt participate in the first battle. We were matched up evenly with same amount of members in the 1st battle. 13 vs 13 when it reset for the 2nd battle it was 13 vs 18. And yes 90% of our guild used up their turns in 1st battle and i see what you mean about that point. But in my mind the reset is a form of cheating. The other guild can assess what they are up against by only having certain amount of members play, then force a wipe out by the opposing guild, there fore forcing a reset. Then having more of their members join to out number the opposition so as to make sure they get to use their 7 turns and in turn flip the tables in their favor. Its flawed imo. When guild clash has you set up your defense it should lock everyone in at the start of battle, not allowing anyone else to join. Imo.   And i get the chests, but we dont care about it. I understand you cant win everything, but we just want a fair shot to compete. If for some reason there is a wipe out maybe instead of a reset since it doesnt seem fair because you can just add members. Then since the 1st battle was so lop sided then maybe reset it to play a different guild you are more equally matched and allow a fresh game and let the cards fall where they may. Just a thought
  • I didn't understand the matching / scoring system, it seems WELL unfair.
    We faced a 15% stronger guild, we realized that it would be totally unfeasible to defeat the 2 strongest opponents, we defined the strategy and we were left with 3 players alive and only 2 from the opposing guild, however, the opposing guild is 600 points ahead of ours (the live players are 100% on the 3 teams).
    If the score is defined by the power of the players, it makes strategy even more useless, since a guild half of the players very strong and all the others very weak, would be invincible, because each strong alive, is worth more points than 2 weak, then it would be enough if the strong half survives, even if the opposing guild had 15 members alive, it would be enough 8 or 9 alive in the other, which would be enough to win the confrontation.
    And it is completely illogical, we won more battles, but we lost the war.
    I think it would be more fair if the score was according to the number of matches won, then, the guild that has the best performance in the fights, wins.
  • So, even though they are more efficient, we lose.
    As if it were not enough that they were winning by having 1 strong player, after eliminating ours, give a 'reset' to our team and they attack us again ...
    So there is no strategy to win ... follow prints.
    Por Favor, revejam isso devs, pois nesse ritmo, eles levam os baús maiores, ficam ainda mais fortes e fica impossível superá-los... acaba com o desafio do jogo, quem é mais forte, sempre será, mesmo que não tenha estratégia alguma, perde a graça do jogo saber que nunca chegaremos a ser os mais fortes, indenpendente de quanto 
    Please review this devs, because at this rate, they take the bigger chests, they get even stronger and it is impossible to overcome them ... end the challenge of the game, who is stronger, will always be, even if they have no strategy not lose the fun of the game knowing that we will never be the strongest, regardless of how much we play best

  • RatatoskTheSquirrel states on March 20: “There are several components when it comes to match making. Total Hero level, where we just add up the Hero levels of everyone who has participated”. 

    1) you do not specify/clarify “has participated”
              a. when and what event - last guild clash or and  last/present guild dungeon or and last day of play    or and when determination made or and what event
               solution: not has but WHO WILL BE PARTICIPATING ON PREPARATION DAY which will force guilds where players jump from guild to guild to pick a guild on day before preparation day or so many hours before being eligible to participate

    2) YOU DO NOT FACTOR IN HERO LEVEL MINIONS which is more significant than Hero Level !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
           This is the biggest mess up of guild matchup especially since players randomly get gem drops that the player really needs to level up his or her minion which in turn levels up HERO LEVEL plus gold needed to also achieve the above.  Most players now out of work and definitely can not afford to be putting a lot money into playing games when they are trying to survive (food, housing, normal medications, etc, gas, car, bills, etc.) to level up minions to level up Hero Level.  Games are a distraction from reality Only and a means of building friendships (decreasing aloneness for some).  You devs need to back to basic psych 101. players more likely to put some $$ into game if you achieve distraction from reality and friendships versus .........  what you are doing now.  (your software program where youre adding up all HERO LEVELS does not work. a guild with all HERO LEVEL of 40 to a guild with HERO LEVEL with 9 players in high level 30s will never win cuz ultimately the minion levels of guild with all Hero Level 40 have stronger minions overall no matter what.  You need to get back to drawing board!!!)
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