It's time to fill out your bracket - Round 1

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It's time to fill out your bracket! 

Go to the form here and choose your favorites here.

The form will be open until 19-March at 7 AM PDT/10 AM EDT/2 PM UST/3 PM CET.

As with any bracket tournament, there will be prizes if you guess the results correctly:

* Correctly guess the winner of every match: 3000 diamonds/gems
* Correctly guess the winners of every match, including the final two (but getting the final winner wrong): 1000 diamonds/gems
* Correctly guess winners of every match including the final four (but getting one or both finalists wrong): 250 diamonds/gems

Matchups will be across social media in the form of polls starting Friday, for the rest of March and through the beginning of April. Remember, this isn't about picking the "best" creature, it's about picking Solgard's most beloved creature. 

Get ready to campaign for your winners and stay tuned for Round 2!


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